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The TrumpFi is the first play-to-earn Web3 card game and NFT collection consisting of 45,000 timeless masterpieces created on the OpenSea. It is a unique collection of NFT portraits of the unique Trump characters from the United States. Our vision is to build an all-in-one SocialFi, GameFi, Defi, and Metaverse ecosystem to make Trump great again.

Trumpfi Web3 card game and NFT Collection

What TrumpFi offering?


TrumpFi is a Metaverse lifestyle app with built-in cultural relationships and Social-Fi. Invite your friends to earn extra token.


Users can choose game characters with different skills for themselves by purchasing Trump NFT, and increase the chances of winning to play Web3 card games and earn TrumpFi tokens. These tokens can be used or cashed out the platform for profit.


The TrumpFi project, a first in the blockchain space, has grown into a platform where people can earn a high-yield return by staking.

Mobile App

The mobile app will be available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Once released, we estimate over 100,000 downloads.


The TrumpFi project will integrate global legal currency and cryptocurrency payment systems, and connect SocialFi, GameFi, Defi, and Metaverse's integrated apps in mobile applications. This can increase the utility of the TrumpFi token.


It has been developed in the metaverse universe with Trump, which is now another universe of the United States, in order to stimulate the 2024 United States presidential election.

How to play Web3 NFT game?

Turn the Trump card game into a Web3 NFT Game. Coming soon to the Apple Store and Google Play.

Trumpfi Board - Trumpfi
Trumpcards - Trumpfi
trumpmoney - Trumpfi

Find a NFT character that's right for you

NFT can change the Trump character in the card game. Different characters have different abilities to win the game.


Trumpfi Tokenism

Our Roadmap

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

Q4 22
  • System architecture
  • Web developments
  • Social medias
  • Opensea collection alpha version
  • Contract coding
  • Token deployment
  • Contract audit
  • Team KYC
  • Token airdrop
  • Pre-launch marketing 
Q1 23
  • Token Presale
  • Token Public Sale
  • CG Listing
  • CMC Listing
  • CEX Listing
  • Post-launch marketing
  • Staking dApp
  • Mobile App Alpha Version
  • Cross-chain
  • Play-to-Earn campaigns
  • VIP membership model
  • $TrumpFi token as governance
  • Fiat payments integration
Q2 23
  • Bug Bounty
  • Listing on first cex (top 10 tier)
  • Marketing campaign
  • DeFi instruments
  • Mobile app beta version
  • App Store and Google Play download
  • Metaverse Alpha version
  • Metaverse signing ceremony
  • OpenSea collection beta version
  • Ecosystem integration
  • Buyback Program
Q3 23
  • SocialFi dApp alpha version
  • Metaverse beta version
  • Top3 Cex listing
  • TrumpFi Global Game Competition
  • TrumpFi Global Payment
  • TrumpFi Metaverse Game
  • 50k active users

Meet the TrumpFi Team

These people work on making Trump great again.

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Daniel - Trumpfi


Chief Game Developer

CMO - Trumpfi



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UI Designer

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